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Hydropower plant & Wavepark

We produce Renewable energy and Surfable waves

Our Mission Is to produce renewable energy and Surfable waves

Hydro energy plants are one of the cleanest sources of energy.  A difference in elevation of water not only can produce electricity but waves as well. Combine the two makes a win-win case for ecology and economy.



Tidal Barrage

A tidal barrage is a dam-like structure used to capture the energy from masses of water moving in and out of a bay or river due to tidal forces.



Even slight differences in elevation in Rivers can be used to produce static waves.


Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

Low-cost surplus off-peak electric power is used to run the pumps. During periods of high electrical demand, the stored water is released through turbines to produce electric power.

2 Types of waves

Surfdam will produce 2 types of waves which will be used depending on the size of waterbody or difference in elevation.

Static wave - River surfing

Suited for most surfdams as the required difference in elevation is minimal.

Wave pool

By dropping a large mass of water at the same time we can create waves.  It is a proven technique used in the very first commercial wave pools.

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